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Allow Us To Do The Leg Work.

Have you learned the options trading system but want to make it even easier to implement? Our membership service offers all the benefits of our diligent research and analysis without all the work. Allow us to provide a quality watch list of securities that pass the strict BCI fundamental, technical and common sense screens and take that weekend outing with the family instead!

First Month Trial: $14.95
Each Month Thereafter: $39.95


12 Months + 1 FREE: $454.40
Each 13 Months Thereafter: $479.40

Save Time

The BCI team will do ALL the fundamental, technical and common sense screens for you. Here are the reports you will receive:

The Weekly Stock Screen & Watch List (thousands screened weekly)
The Top-Performing Exchange-Traded Fund Report (Weekly)
The High Dividend Yield Stock with LEAPS Report (Quarterly)

Access Key Files:

You will have 24/7 access to the “resources/downloads” section of the premium site where you can access key files that will elevate your profits even higher. Such files include:

List Of Banned Stocks
Exit Strategy Flow Charts
Historical Options Resources
Quarterly Expiration List

Save money:

- 10% discount on all products in the Blue Collar store

- FREE copy of the Elite version of the Ellman Calculator

Organize Your Trades For Taxes:

- The Elite Calculator contains a Schedule D (6 tabs) to organize tax information

We will take the universe of over 8000 stocks and exchange-traded funds and provide you with a list of 40-60 stock picks from which you select the securities right for you.

Member Testimonials

I want to thank you also for the incredibly good lists and articles that you and your team are putting together. I have learned so much from reading your articles and studying the weekly lists that I am feeling far more confident that I can invest much more wisely. – Steve S (Colorado)

Thank you for creating this weekly watch list premium site! I decided to see how long it would take to create my watchlist the way you and your team have done so. Well, it took about 6 long hours. This is definitely worth it. It’s a massive, massive timesaver! – Dave D (Australia)

The returns are significantly better and more consistent…risk is lower…it’s really kind of fun – Matt A.

I liked everything about your approach so I decided to commit to it…I made a return of 36.7% in 11 months…already passed my goal. – Sam T.

“We’ll spend hours per week screening stocks so you won’t have to. Then you can make your final blue collar decisions as you take charge and head towards financial freedom.”

First Month Trial: $14.95
Each Month Thereafter: $39.95


12 Months + 1 FREE: $454.40
Each 13 Months Thereafter: $479.40

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Message From The Team

We are proud to offer The Blue Collar Investor Membership Service as part of our line of Options Trader Tools.
Sign up now to take advantage of this One-Of-A-Kind service.

PS. – You have nothing to lose and everything to gain and we have an Iron Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee.

- Sincerely, The Blue Collar Investor Team