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Learn how to invest by selling stock options.

Alan Ellman guides us through his system of options trading so
you too can become
CEO Of Your Own Money.

See how we have helped thousands beat the market consistently on their way to financial independence.

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What Our Clients Say

What I am most impressed with is the cleverness, yet simplicity that Alan’s system is built upon. It is written for the average person, The Blue Collar Investor.

– Dave Lindahl | RE Mentor, Inc

My wife and I recently purchased both of your books. They are clearly written and the examples are easy to understand as we have learned a lot of new information.

– John and Beronica R. | Allen, TX

The thing I like the most about Alan’s covered call plan is that if you do enough research on the stock at the outset, you can feel comfortable owning it even if it goes down.

– Danielle H | Valparaiso, IN

I want to thank you also for the incredibly good lists and articles that you and your team are putting together. I have learned so much from reading your articles and studying the weekly lists that I am feeling far more confident that I can invest much more wisely.

– Steve Sorensen

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