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Become An Expert

YOU are your own investment adviser!

Turn your education into cash as your journey continues to financial independence.

You’ve learned the ropes, engaged with the community, and you are ready to take the next step and hone your skills as a Blue Collar Investor.

1. Locate An Online Broker

When deciding on which online discount broker to use, I would factor in the following:

  • Low Trade Commissions
  • Efficient Trade Executions
  • Hidden Fees / Minimum Requirements
  • Prompt and Courteous Phone Service

Download our guide to selecting an online broker for further reading.

2. Paper Trade First

You wouldn’t read a book about swimming and then go jump in the deep end

Try paper trading before you invest your hard earned money. Paper trading allows you to use a virtual trading platform that allows you to invest without risking your own money.

Download our list of places to paper trade.

3. Become A Premium Member

Get the HIGHEST level of support with the BCI Premium Membership.

We’ll spend hours per week screening stocks so you won’t have to. Then you can make your final blue collar decisions as you take charge and head towards financial freedom.

Find Out More to take advantage of this One-Of-A-Kind service.

4. BCI Investment Coaching

Need some extra support?

Our coaching service is the perfect complement for increasing your understanding of The BCI methodology and investment education. The agenda of the meetings with your personal investment coach will be custom tailored to fit your specific needs. Go at your own pace, find out more.