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How to Record & Calculate ITM Covered Call Trades that Become OTM Trades

To properly analyze our covered call writing and put-selling trades, we must accurately record each step of the trades such that initial and final results are accurate. In this article, a hypothetical covered call trade which starts out in-the-money (ITM) but ends up out-of-the-money (OTM) at contract expiration will be analyzed. The BCI Trade Management Calculator will be used to demonstrate how to enter and generate final returns for the ITM aspect and how to enter the OTM segment for the ensuing contract cycle.


Hypothetical covered call trade

  • Buy 100 x ABC at $100.00
  • STO 1 x $95.00 ITM call at $7.00
  • Breakeven price point is $93.00 ($100.00 – $7.00)
  • At expiration, ABC is trading at $94.00, and the $95.00 (now OTM) call expires worthless
  • What price do we enter for the next contract covered call, $100.00, $94.00 or $93.00?


Overview solution

In the 1st contract cycle, there is a $7.00 (7%) realized option gain and a $6.00 (6%) unrealized stock loss (from $100.00 to $94.00) at expiration. This share price decline is accounted for in the current expiration cycle and the price of ABC is entered at current market value ($94.00) in the next expiration cycle. Any change in share price moving forward will be recorded in this 2nd cycle. The BCI Trade Management Calculator will do all the legwork for us.


The Trade Management Calculator


Trade Management Calculations for ITM to OTM Strikes

Note the following:

  • Blue arrows: Initial trade time-value returns of 2.11%, 29.55% annualized based on a 26-day trade
  • Red arrow: Price of ABC at contract expiration
  • Green arrow: Final option realized gain in cycle #1
  • Purple arrow: Unrealized share loss accounted for in the initial contract cycle
  • Brown arrow: Net realized/unrealized combined trade results in the first contract expiration cycle (7% – 6%)



Properly entering our option trades in the appropriate expiration cycles will allow us to accurately calculate our investment results. The entries and calculations in this article are not meant for tax purposes.


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6 Responses to “How to Record & Calculate ITM Covered Call Trades that Become OTM Trades”

  1. Glenn April 8, 2023 12:45 pm


    When we sell a csp, is it true that the best return we can get is the put premium?

    I’ve been selling covered calls but also want to start with csp.

    By the way … love the TMC.

    Thanks a lot,

    • Alan Ellman April 9, 2023 6:09 am


      If we enter a cash-secured put trade with no trade adjustments, then that statement is true. However, the implementation of exit strategies will create opportunities to generate returns higher, in some cases much higher, than the initial premium time-value returns.

      In my 8th book, “Exit Strategies for Covered Call Writing and Selling Cash-Secured Puts”, there are 27 chapters, 13 related to put-selling.

      Thanks for the TMC comment.


  2. Barry B April 8, 2023 1:52 pm

    Premium Members,

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    Barry and The Blue Collar Investor Team

  3. Marsha April 9, 2023 2:11 am


    I attended one of your online classes recently and found it very informative. In my notes, there is one sentence I’d appreciate clarification on. You said “we can roll out and up to an itm, atm or otm strike” Please explain or give some examples.

    Thank you very much.


    • Alan Ellman April 9, 2023 6:34 am


      Let’s set up a hypothetical trade:

      Buy 100 BCI at $78.00.

      STO 1 x $80.00 call at $2.00.

      On expiration Friday, BCI is trading at $85.00.

      Next, let’s assume that we decide to keep BCI in our portfolio for the next contract cycle by rolling out-and-up. Here are examples the 3 scenarios you inquired about with the strike and “moneyness” of that strike:

      $83.00 strike (in-the-money or below the current $85.00 price)

      $85.00 strike (at-the-money or the same as current market value)

      $86.00 strike (out-of-the-money or above the current market value)

      In all cases, we rolled out to a later expiration date and up from the previous cycle’s strike price ($80.00).


  4. Alan Ellman April 12, 2023 5:15 pm

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