beginners corner

Beginners Corner

Are you ready to learn about Selling Cash-Secured Puts? We thought so.

Alan Ellman will walk you through 8 lessons as a primer to his system of how to Sell Cash-Secured Puts.

Learn How To Sell Stock Options With Covered Calls


The Following 8 Lessons on How To Sell Puts Will Be
In The Beginners Corner:


    1. Introduction and Preview Example.

    2. Option Basics.

    3. Stock Selection With Fundamental And Technical Analysis.

    4. Stock Selection: Common Sense Considerations

    5. Calculations for exercised and unexercised Put Options.

    6. Executing Put-Selling Trades

    7. Exit Strategies and Position Management

    8. Step-By-Step process for executing put-selling trade

All free resources mentioned in this video series are readily accessed from the “free resources including Ellman Calculator” link in the black bar at the top of this web page.