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Exit Strategies are Important but Must Be Timed Properly + Free Webinar Link

Exit strategy execution for covered call writing and put-selling is the 3rd required skill needed to achieve the highest returns (stock and option selection are the other two). Knowing how and when to implement these position management trades will have a major impact on our ultimate success. In July 2020, Clark sent me a series […]

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Ask Alan

Ask Alan #178 Poor Man’s Covered Call Managing Unusual Circumstances

Alan answers a question posed by Martin, who asks: Hi Alan, I’m using the poor man’s CC to trade. My question is what to do when the LEAPS gets OTM or how do you manage that trade? I bought PPL LEAPS (January 2021) call at 30 strike when the stock was trading at 35.42 and […]

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BCI PODCAST 38: Evaluating the Cost-To-Close When a Strike Moves Deep In-The-Money

Watch Video: Listen To Audio Version: After entering a covered call trade and the stock price accelerates exponentially, the cost-to-close our position appears prohibitively high. This podcast will use a real-life example with SolarEdge technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SEDG) to break down the total premium into time-value and intrinsic-value components and detailing if and when to […]

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Rolling-Down On a Sharp Market Decline at the End of a Contract

Exit strategy opportunities may be created when there is a substantial 1-day market decline and we must be prepared to take advantage of these occasions. In June 2020, there was an 1800 point decline in the Dow 30 due to coronavirus concerns and national unrest related to police shootings. Many members of the BCI community […]

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BCI PODCAST 37: Selling the Same Option Twice in the Same Contract Month

Watch Video: Listen To Audio Version: After entering a covered call trade, share price may decline jeopardizing the success of our trade. Frequently, we must take action to mitigate. This podcast will focus in on the “hitting a double” exit strategy where the short call is bought back and the same option re-sold for a […]

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Using Covered Call Options and Stock Dividends in Low-Interest Rate Environments

Covered call writing can be crafted to meet a myriad of goals in a wide range of market conditions. In May of 2020, the 10-year Treasury Bond yield was 0.65%. Bank interest rates in several countries were negative. At the same time, dividend yield on Dow 30 and S&P 500 dividend-bearing stocks were triple that […]

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BCI PODCAST 36. Timing Our Covered Call Trades

Watch Video: Listen To Audio Version: After a stock is purchased, when is the best time to sell the option? Should we wait for share appreciation to make more money on the trade. This podcasts breaks down the 3 possible outcomes and incorporates the option Greeks into our understanding of how and why to manage […]

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Special Cash Dividends and Equity Distributions: Understanding Contract Adjustments

Contract adjustments to the terms of our covered call writing and put-selling options are due to corporate actions like mergers and acquisitions, special dividends and stock splits. This article will highlight the contract alterations resulting from special dividends and equity distributions.   Special cash dividends: 2 adjustment techniques   1. Ticker remains unchanged Number of […]

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BCI PODCAST 35. Covered Call Writing with Biotech Companies

Watch Video: Listen To Audio Version: Selling options against Biotech companies frequently generate impressive premium returns. This podcast will discuss the relationship between implied volatility and option premium. Option calculations, exit, strategies, and chart analysis will be addressed in this presentation BECOME A BCI MEMBER TODAY: PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP SEE BCI COURSE & PRODUCTS : BCI […]

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The Poor Man’s Covered Call: Rolling Options in the Current Contract Month + 15% Holiday Discount Expiring Soon

Exit strategies are critical to our overall success whether using traditional covered call writing or the Poor Man’s Covered Call (PMCC). In this article, we will evaluate scenarios when share price both declines and accelerates creating rolling-down and rolling-up opportunities in the current contract month. The BCI PMCC Calculator will assist with the computations.   […]

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