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BCI PODCAST 96: Protecting Our Covered Call Trades: Protective Puts and In-the-Money Strikes

Watch Video: Listen To Audio Version: Covered call writing is a low-risk option-selling strategy that can be crafted into an even more defensive strategy. In this podcast  two such approaches are discussed. First, adding a protective put to the trade, a strategy known as the “collar.” An alternative approach, using in-the-money call options, where intrinsic […]

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Rolling-Out Poor Man’s Covered Call Trades: A Real-Life Example with Alphabet Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG)

When the Poor Man’s Covered Call (PMCC) strategy is employed, the short call is the active leg of the trade. If a strike is expiring in-the-money (ITM), we can roll the short call to a later expiration date. This article will detail 2 possible rolling trades with GOOG, 1 for rolling-out to the same strike […]

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How to Use the Capital Adjustment Section of the Trade Management Calculator When Executing Multiple Exit Strategies in the Same Contract Cycle

Exit strategies for covered call writing and selling cash-secured parts are integral aspects of our trading system. It is critical to learn how to enter, calculate and archive these position management trades. This article will detail one example of this process using a real-life example with Etsy, Inc. (Nasdaq: ETSY) using 2 rolling-up put trades […]

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Ask Alan

Ask Alan #202 – Cash Secured Put Rolling Trade Entries and Calculations

Alan answers a question posed by Don, who asks: Alan, I need some help entering a rolling-out-and-down put trade with QQQ using the Trade Management Calculator. I’m not sure how to handle this since there are 2 different expiration dates. I’ve attached the trades. Thank you, Don ———- The BCI Package link: TMC Package: […]

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How to Enter & Calculate Rolling-Out-And-Down Cash-Secured Put Trades: A Real-Life Example with Invesco QQQ Trust (Nasdaq: QQQ)

When selling out-of-the-money (OTM) cash-secured puts, we calculate our initial time-value returns with this formula: % return = Put premium/ (put strike – put premium) When incorporating exit strategies into our strategy, we must properly enter these adjustments into our spreadsheets such that the calculations will be accurate and properly archived.   What is rolling-out […]

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BCI PODCAST 95: Covered Call Writing to Generate Premium and Dividend Income

Watch Video: Listen To Audio Version: A covered call writing strategy can be crafted to generate 3 income streams: 1. Option premium 2. Share appreciation when using out-of-the-money call options 3. Dividend income This podcast will focus in on TLT a treasury-based exchange-traded fund that generate 12 dividends per calendar year. There will be discussions […]

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Rolling-Up Our Cash-Secured Put Trades: A Real-Life Example with Etsy, Inc. (Nasdaq: ETSY)

When we sell cash-secured puts, we are seeking to generate cash flow or to buy securities at a discount. It is generally written that the maximum return for these trades is the put premium. This article will demonstrate how multiple income streams can be achieved by implementing our exit strategy arsenal and, thereby, achieve higher […]

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BCI PODCAST 94: Covered Call Writing Net Debit Limit Orders

Watch Video: Listen To Audio Version: Covered call trades can be executed by “legging-in” which is buying the stock and selling the call option in 2 distinct trades. This podcast will discuss another way to enter a covered call trade using a “buy-write combination form” where the 2 legs are executed simultaneously using a “net […]

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Exercising Call Options to Capture Dividends: A Reasonable Action or Investor Error?

Dividend capture is the main reason for early exercise of our covered call writing trades. More specifically, ex-dividend dates are the times most susceptible to early exercise and having our shares sold at the strike price. This article will analyze the profitability or lack thereof of taking such action. On July 3, 2022, Graham shared […]

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Calculating Mid-Contract Put-Selling Trade Status + A New Covered Call Writing Strategy Coming Soon

After entering our put-selling trades, we can calculate the current status of our trades mid-contract with a few simple entries into our Trade Management Calculator. In this article, a real-life cash-secured put example with Bristol-Myers Squibb Comp. (NYSE: BMY) will be highlighted. Hypothetical examples of winning and losing trades will be detailed on the spreadsheet. […]

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