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Alan Ellman’s e-Book Selling Cash-Secured Puts For Beginners

Alan Ellman’s e-Book Selling Cash-Secured Puts For Beginners

This e-book is an overview of how to sell cash-secured puts to develop a low-risk, wealth-building strategy for retail investors. Put-selling is a strategy similar to, but not precisely the same as, covered call writing.  This book is meant to be a beginner’s guide to mastering this conservative strategy and help create an opportunity for retail investors to secure our financial futures. Mastering both strategies will allow us focus in on the best investment choices depending on market conditions and personal risk tolerance. Becoming financially independent is our common goal and the mission statement for Blue Collar Investors all over the world!

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Alan' e-book

The purpose of this book is to give the reader an overview of the tools needed to master a conservative stock and option strategy with the goals of generating monthly cash flow and focusing in on capital preservation. Selling cash-secured puts is a low-risk strategy that leverages high-quality stocks and exchange-traded funds to accomplish these objectives.

This book will present basic option principles that apply to this system and will walk you through the process of stock and option selection. Additionally, calculating profits and position management will also be critical topics addressed. In other words, every aspect of this strategy will be discussed including the necessary steps to take before, during and after a trade is executed. Examples of real-life trade executions will be shown in conjunction with illustrative charts and graphs, and the rationale for each step behind the trade will be explained using easy-to-understand terminology.

I will also allude to another similar strategy, covered call writing, the topic of my first three books. The risk-reward profile of the two strategies are similar but certain nuances make them different and I feel it is important to discuss those distinctions as I present the material needed to master this great strategy of selling cash-secured puts.

The goal of this book is to give you the education to apply basic investment principles in all situations. Your financial decisions will become non-emotional and based on sound fundamental, technical and common sense principles. I will not tell you what to do but rather how to do it and why. I want you to benefit from all the mistakes.

I suffered through and then corrected as I taught myself these two outstanding strategies. I have been very fortunate in my investment and financial past and at this point want to share the knowledge that I have accumulated with as many average retail investors as possible. That is my goal, my mission for this book. After reading and re-reading this book I hope you feel that I achieved this goal.

Topics covered:

  • What is Selling Cash-Secured Puts? Intro and Preview Example
  • Option Basics
  • Fundamental and Technical Analysis
  • Common Sense Factors
  • Calculations20
  • Executing Cash-Secured Put Trades
  • Exit Strategies
  • Selling Cash-Secured Puts: Step-By-Step Review



And much more:


  • Over 40 pages and 23 color charts and graphs
  • For conservative investors with low risk tolerance.
  • Generate monthly cash flow while capital preservation remain a priority.
  • Compound profits instantaneously.
  • Learn to buy a stock “at a discount.”
  • Use with covered call writing to create a multi-tiered cash-generating strategy.


***This is a general guide to put-selling and specifically geared to beginners. Our book, Selling Cash-Secured Puts, is much more detailed and recommended before implementing this strategy with your hard-earned money