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Setting Up a Bullish Covered Call Writing Monthly Portfolio

click ↑ 4 Featured This article will highlight one of the many ways we can establish a monthly covered call writing portfolio during bullish market conditions. We will utilize a […]

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Sector Rotation and the CEO Strategy

click ↑ 4 Featured In 2023, BCI introduced the CEO Strategy, a streamlined approach to covered call writing using the Select Sector SPDRs. This article will explain why sector rotation in our business cycle will create opportunities […]

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How to Manage Near-The-Money Put Strikes as Expiration Approaches

click ↑ 4 Featured Many option traders who sell cash-secured puts prefer not to take possession of the underlying shares. Typically, when a trade is structured, the strike is out-of-the-money […]

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When Should I Take My Profits with a Successful Covered Call Writing Trade?

Which %, if any, of our original covered call writing initial time-value return, should we use to close both legs of the trade, and guarantee a realized return? 60%? 75%? […]

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Application of the 20%/10% Guidelines for ITM & OTM Strikes + Registration Form for Thursday’s Webinar

One of the key methods to partially automate our covered call writing exit strategy arsenal is to place buy-to-close (BTC), good until cancelled (GTC) limit orders to close our short […]

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Understanding the Math When Rolling ITM Covered Calls Out-And-Up: A Real-Life Example with Utilities Select Sector SPDR Fund (NYSE: XLU) + Save the Date May 11th

All strategies, including covered call writing and selling cash-secured puts, have their pros and cons. The same holds true for the exit strategies associated with them. Several of our members […]

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Reverse Covered Call Writing: A Reasonable Bear Market Strategy? A Real-Life Example with SPDR S&P ETF Trust (NYSE: SPY)

Covered call writing is defined as first purchasing or already owning the underlying security and then selling the corresponding call option. By doing so, we are protected; we know our […]

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Comparing Nasdaq 100 ETFs: Real-Life Examples with QQQ & QQQM

Over the years, the most frequently used ETF in my portfolios has been Invesco QQQ Trust (Nasdaq: QQQ). Premium members have noticed that, lately, a relatively new eligible security in […]

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Hitting a Double: The BCI Trade Management Calculator in Action + Final Chance to Register for Tuesday’s Webinar

“Hitting a double” involves buying back the short call using our 20%/10% guidelines and then re-selling that same option when share price recovers. On 3/13/2019, Mario was kind enough to […]

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Mitigating Losses by Rolling-Down During a Severe Market Decline: The BCI Trade Management Calculator in Action + Free Webinar Registration Link

Rolling-down is one of our frequently used covered call writing exit strategies. During the January 2022 contracts, there was a 5% market decline due to COVD-19, inflation and interest rate […]

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