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Is Covered Call Writing an Option Zero-Sum Strategy? + See Our New “Featured Product” Section

click ↑ 4 Featured Covered call writing is not a zero-sum strategy. Both the option-seller (call writer … us) and the call buyer can be successful. This article will provide […]

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How to Use the BCI Portfolio Setup Spreadsheet to Craft Our Put-Selling Portfolios

When we plan our covered call writing and cash-secured puts trades, we must focus in on diversification and cash allocation. In order to accomplish these goals, in April 2023, BCI […]

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Collar Calculations Using the BCI Trade Management Calculator

The Collar Strategy is a covered call writing-like strategy where a protective put is added to the trade, thereby establishing a floor and a ceiling with a maximum gain and […]

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When Should I Take My Profits with a Successful Covered Call Writing Trade?

Which %, if any, of our original covered call writing initial time-value return, should we use to close both legs of the trade, and guarantee a realized return? 60%? 75%? […]

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Comparing Covered Call Writing & Cash-Secured Puts in Bull Market Environments

Covered call writing versus cash-secured puts in bull markets … which is better? This article will present the arguments for both and make a case why I prefer covered call […]

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Selecting the Best LEAPS Strike for an AAPL Poor Man’s Covered Call Trade

The Poor Man’s Covered Call (PMCC) is a covered call writing-like strategy where deep in-the-money (ITM) LEAPS options replace the long stock positions. LEAPS have expirations of greater than 1 […]

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The Collar Strategy: 2 BCI Spreadsheets: A Real-Life Example with Crocs, Inc. (Nasdaq: CROX)

The collar strategy is a covered call writing-like strategy where a protective put is added to the covered call trade, creating a 3-leg trade. BCI has developed 2 calculators that […]

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How to Create 3-Income Producing Portfolios Using Covered Call Writing and Dividend Generating Stocks

Covered call writing is a low-risk cash-flow strategy that can also create the potential of a 2nd income stream when using out-of-the-money (OTM) strikes which can also produce potential income […]

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Selling Cash-Secured Puts: Multiple Applications: Part I + Tuesday’s Webinar Registration Link

Selling cash-secured puts is a low-risk option-selling strategy where the seller undertakes the contractual obligations to buy shares at the strike price, by the expiration date. In return for undertaking […]

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3 Approaches to Strike Selection When Portfolio Overwriting Existing Stocks: A Real-Life Example with Dow, Inc. (NYSE: DOW) + July 11th Webinar Registration Link

Portfolio overwriting is a covered call writing-like strategy where deep out-of-the-money (OTM) calls are sold against our long-term buy-and-hold securities. Typically, these stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are of a […]

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