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Negotiating better option prices for covered call writing and selling cash-secured puts

How To Negotiate Better Option Prices Using The “Show Or Fill Rule” / $30 Rebate Expiring

Covered call writers generate cash flow by selling call options associated with a stock or exchange-traded fund. Our goals are to generate the highest possible returns with low-risk trades and that fit our requirement for capital preservation. The three required skills for achieving these goals are stock (or ETF) selection, option selection and position management […]

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Covered call writing and The Blue Cololar Investor Premium ETF Report

Implied Volatility And Our Premium Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF) Report

Our study of option trading basics and stock option strategies involves an analysis of implied volatility. This is the market’s forecast of the underlying security’s volatility as implied by the option’s price in the market place. Frequently, the mid-point of the bid-ask spread, called the mark, is used. In this article, I am highlighting a […]

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