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In his unique step-by-step system of investing with stock options, Alan Ellman has opened doors for average, non-Wall Street investors never before thought possible.

Alan’s easy-to-understand use of fundamental and technical analysis along with his common sense concepts render his methodology easy to comprehend and user-friendly.

In much the same way that I evaluate the Philadelphia real estate market for great-performing properties with minimal investment risk, Alan Ellman explores the world of equities.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

– Allan Domb, Philadelphia’s largest Luxury Condominium Broker and Developer

Alan Ellman’s Cashing in on Covered Calls is a superb publication. The common sense rationale behind his stock option system, in many ways, mirrors my Real Estate Investment Strategy. Those of you who took my seminars or read my books know that I went from a broke landscaper to a multi-millionaire in a relatively short period of time. I did this by utilizing low risk/ high reward investments. I then established multiple streams of cash flow and compounded my profits through re-investments.

Alan’s system of selling stock options accomplishes these same goals. Cash is generated into your account on a monthly basis and then immediately re-invested. I always say that cash is king; but let me add that compounding is the eighth wonder of the world!

What I am most impressed with is the cleverness, yet simplicity that Alan’s system is built upon. It is written for the average person, The Blue Collar Investor. Treat this book in much the same way you would treat a great Real Estate deal….Don’t Pass It By, This book is a Must Read!

– Dave Lindahl | Nationally known Investment Expert, Author and Speaker

The thing I really like about Alan’s covered call plan is that if you do enough research on the stock at the outset, you can feel comfortable owning it even if it goes down.

I want to thank Alan so much for putting together this program. It is genious!

– Danielle Hampson, Founder and Executive Producer of The Business Author”s Radio and TV Program

My wife and I recently purchased both of your books. They are clearly written and the examples are easy to understand as we have learned a lot of new information.

– John and Beronica R. | Allen, TX

I do appreciate your effort and generosity to all of us Blue Collar Investors. It is truly rare to find an individual so willing to freely help and give back to his fellow man.

– Don C | Westport, MA

The thing I like the most about Alan’s covered call plan is that if you do enough research on the stock at the outset, you can feel comfortable owning it even if it goes down.

– Danielle H | Valparaiso, IN

Congratulations on two really good books, they were just what I was looking for. You get the what/why/how/when/ and which fully explained for you. Thank you for all your hard work.

– Curt C | Southboro, MA

I have been actively trading options since reading your book, Exit Strategies for Covered call Writing. In fact, I have made more money trading options than trading stocks in the last year. I appreciate your kindness.

– Sheryl S | Champlin, MN

Your approach is extremely refreshing. You actually use common sense….

– Robert G. | Seabrook, NH

Your book is easy to read, interesting, and best of all, I am applying the knowledge already.

– Cathy F. | Towson, MD

I really enjoyed the seminars. What a wealth of information.

– Todd M. | Commack, NY

I loved your book so much I ordered it for my former partner in the NYPD.

– Jason B. | Belle Harbor, NY