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BCI PODCAST 52. Making Money Selling Options with Technology Stocks

Watch Video: Listen To Audio Version: Selling options using large-cap tech companies like Apple or Amazon and many others can be challenging due to the high cost. Using the exchange-traded fund, QQQ, is a great way to accomplish these strategies at a relatively low-cost and still have the large-cap tech presence. Option-chains, calculators and annualized […]

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What is a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company)?

Are SPACs reliable candidates for our covered call writing and put-selling portfolios? This article will define and explain the anatomy of a SPAC so we can decide if they deserve a place in our conservative option-selling portfolios.   SPAC defined This is a company with no commercial operations (products or services) that is created to […]

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Ask Alan

ASK ALAN #181​ How Delta Factors into our Strike Price Selection

Alan answers a question posed by Vinh, who asks: Alan, I am new member. I would like to ask how much Delta to use to enter a covered call trade for in-the-money strikes to get adequate protection. I am looking at AMD trading at $50.10 for the July 17, 2020 contracts. Thanks, Vinh ——— It’s […]

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BCI PODCAST 51 Timing Our Covered Call Trades

Watch Video: Listen To Audio Version: After buying a stock, should we wait for additional share appreciation before selling the option? A real-life example will; be analyzed using FB showing the potential pros and cons of this approach and the possibility of exit strategy opportunities lost when increasing the risk in this low-risk strategy. BECOME […]

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Should I Roll-Out When My Option is DITM Mid-Contract?

Exit strategy opportunities for covered call writing must be recognized and acted upon when indicated. It is important to understand when and how to react to these situations and determine the best exit strategy, if any.  In October 2020, Patrick shared with me a covered call trade he had executed and was considering closing the […]

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BCI PODCAST 50 Exit strategies Must Be Timed Properly

Watch Video: Listen To Audio Version: To become an elite option-seller, we must master the 3-required skills… stock selection, option-selection and position management. With exit strategies, not only do we have to know which ones will enhance the current trade status but also how and when to implement them. This podcast will show a real-life […]

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Implied Volatility (IV), IV Rank and IV Percentile: Defined and Practical Applications

When writing covered calls and selling cash-secured puts, the implied volatility of the underlying securities is directly related to the premiums we receive and also measures the risk we are taking with our option-selling trades. We protect ourselves from using IVs that are too high or too low by defining our initial time-value return goal […]

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BCI PODCAST 49 Analyzing a Multi Leg Covered Call Rolling Down Series of Trades

Watch Video: Listen To Audio Version: Exit strategies can turn losing trades into profitable ones. This podcast will show a real-life example with NIKE Corp. (NYSE: NKE) where Alan rolled down twice in the latter part of a contract and put cash in his pocket on a stock that declined in value. The 20%/10% guidelines […]

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How to Execute a Covered Call Trade with a Buy/Write Combination Form

Covered call trades can be entered by legging-in (2 separate trades) or via the buy/write combination form (1 net trade). When available, the latter is an effective, and perhaps cheaper, way to execute our covered call trades when the bid-ask spreads of our options are narrow. This article will explain how to use the combination […]

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BCI PODCAST 48 Rolling Deep OTM Cash Secured Puts

Watch Video: Listen To Audio Version: When stock price moves up, put value moves down. After selling an OTM cash-secured put, if share price appreciates significantly, we can close it for a small percentage of the original option sale. This podcast focuses in on whether it makes sense to roll that option up to a […]

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