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The Basics of the Call Option plus a Current Real Life Example

Definitions: Implicit in the term covered call writing is the fact that we are selling call options. They are covered because we first own the underlying equities prior to selling the option. Since this is my first article of the new year and given the fact that we have so many new members of the […]

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The Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme: A Validation of our Blue Collar Philosophy plus Tony C. checks in on Cramer

_________________________________________________________ Blue Collar Mission Statement 1– Become CEO of your own money 2- Become financially independent ___________________________________________________________ Never before have the convictions of the Blue Collar philosophy become more meaningful as they have this past week with the arrest of Bernie Madoff for what may become the biggest fraud in the history of Wall Street. Madoff, […]

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The New York Stock Exchange: Part of a Global Conglomerate and a Stock to Watch

If we were to ask the average investor this question: What does the ticker NYX stand for? The most likely answer would be: The New York Stock Exchange. We would respond: Good answer, but you only get partial credit! The reason for this is that in this global economy businesses must offer multiple product and […]

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RECESSION- A NORMAL Part of the Business Cycle

Generally speaking, the main focus of this column is for Blue Collar Investors to share information that will be useful in generating substantial  income into our investment portfolios. In normal market conditions we locate the greatest performing stocks in the greatest performing industries and use these stocks as vehicles to generate great returns under the […]

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MACROECONOMICS-The Government’s Influence Over our Investment Success

You’ve screened your stocks both fundamentally and technically. You been diligent to only select equities in the greatest performing industries. Even subtle decisions like factoring in earnings reports and companies that report same store monthly retail sales cannot guarantee that an equity will appreciate in value. The reality is that there are a litany of […]

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BLUE COLLAR INVESTOR Q&A- Your Questions Answered

This past Thursday and Saturday I conducted a webinar series attended by investors throughout the United States and Canada. I am humbled by the response and supportive emails that you sent during and after the presentations. Thank you. Investors had the opportunity to send questions during the course of the webinars and I felt that […]

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MUTUAL FUNDS – The Answer in these Volatile Times?

Since I posted the fact that I stopped selling options in this turbulent market but remained invested in stocks, I have received several emails asking about the efficacy of getting into mutual funds until things normalize. The rationale behind these inquiries were based on the broader diversification that these funds provide and the ability to […]

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Once upon a time, there was a great and powerful country called Freemerica. Its people were decent and hardworking and dreamed of one day owning their own home in this leader of all other nations. The people of Freemerica depended on its leaders, President Bungler and members of the House of Ineptitude to protect them […]

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Commingling of Asset Classes plus History Tells Us Not To Worry

Knowledge is Power. This article demonstrates how I accumulated 1.2 million dollars worth of  real estate without taking one penny from my savings account. I call this Commingling of  Asset Classes whereby I used my knowledge of the Stock Market and Real Estate Market to accumulate this wealth. My story begins in 1999 when my […]

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How many of our fellow Blue Collar Investors understand the concept of corporate bonds?  Probably, not many. I didn’t for many years despite self-educating myself in stocks, options, and real estate. I am always angered when media experts start throwing around terms like indentures, par value, defeasance, yield curve among many others and don’t bother […]

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