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Cashing In On Covered Calls

Cashing In On Covered Calls

Learn To Invest With Confidence and Control

The most comprehensive and easy-to-follow book on stock option investing ever before on the market, Cashing in on Covered Calls is a powerful tool that will show you how to become the CEO of your own money. Learn to invest with confidence, and generate monthly returns of 2% to 4%.

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  • Why sell options?
  • Option Returns versus the Market and Mutual Funds
  • Components of an options Contract
  • Creating a Watch List
  • Calculating options Returns
  • Exit Strategies
  • Mathematics of Covered calls
  • Other Factors effecting stock performance
  • Stock Splits
  • The 3 Golden Rules of Options Selling
  • Definitions
  • What is Covered Call Writing?
  • Technical Analysis
  • Portfolio management
  • Earnings Reports
  • Diversification and Dollar Cost Averaging
  • Additional Sources for locating Stocks