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Ask Alan – When You Close Your Covered Call Position Prior to Expiration Friday

Alan answers a question coming from Phil of Moreno Valley, CA. Phil writes… "On June 25th I purchased 200 shares of BWLD at $82.40 per share. I then sold the July 80 covered call at $4.40. Today the stock is trading at $84.50. My question is… Does it pay to close my entire position to […]

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Ask Alan

Ask Alan – IBD 7% / 8% Rule or BCI 20% / 10% Guideline

Alan answers a question coming from Paul of Jacksonville, FL. Paul writes… “I began subscribing to the IBD after reading your books and found it helpful. I would like to ask, however, if you follow the IBD’s rule of always selling a stock when it drops 7 to 8%. If the sale of the stock […]

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