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Free Resources For The Options Trader

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Here is a list of free resources offered at this time:

documentBasic Ellman Calculator

This amazing tool will make your covered call calculations a non-issue even if you are mathematically challenged.

Simply access an “options chain” and enter a few figures (in the “blue cells”) and you will learn (in the “white cells”):

  • Option return (our initial profit)
  • Upside potential (possible additional profit)
  • Comparison results of using the different strike price choices
  • Downside protection (how much your premium protects your initial profit)
  • The profit and protection if rolling your option to the next month

Print out the spreadsheet and take it to your computer as a reference while entering your covered call positions.


documentBasic Ellman Calculator User Guide

This 8-page document will explain each of the tabs of the Basic Ellman Calculator with examples. Print it out and keep it handy until this tool becomes second nature to you.


documentBasic Calculator Device Cheat Sheet

This single-page cheat sheet shares specifics about which devices the Basic Ellman Calculator operates under and the recommended software to use for best results.  Handy reference for all Blue Collar Investors.


Ellman System Options Calculator (ESOC)

We are giving this highly searched for tool away free of charge.

Watch a video about the Basic Ellman Calculator

For more info about the calculator, read the following blog article: Covered Call Writing- Using the Multiple Tab of the Ellman Calculator

documentUser Guide For Put Calculator

The BCI Put-Selling Calculator is designed to show both unexercised and
exercised results when selling cash-secured puts.


documentBCI System Put-Selling Calculator

BCI System Put-Selling Calculator. This system is designed for selling cash-secured puts.

documentList of companies that report risky monthly sales reports or “Banned Stocks”

This file contains over 20 stocks that are banned from use in the BCI methodology for covered call writing and put-selling. The reason is that they report either same store retail sales or airline capacity reports on a MONTHLY basis and this represents similar risk as do earnings reports.


documentEmergency Management Report

This report details 6 strategy approaches available when markets are bearish or volatile.


documentOnline Discount Brokerages-what to look for

This is a list of online discount brokers that have been used and recommend by BCI members and available to research by members who are looking for their first broker or looking to change from the current service they are using.


documentSample Premium Stock Report

This is a list of stocks that have passed the BCI screens and eligible for covered call writing. These lists are available to premium members on a weekly basis and are to be used as a time-saver as opposed to a list of “stock picks”. “We report, you decide”. These are companies that have “survived” the very strict screening requirements inherent in the BCI methodology. Our team works many hours each week to provide this outstanding service to our premium members.


documentSample ETF Report

This report provides a list of exchange-traded funds that have outperformed the market over the past 3 months. They have also minimum trading requirements and, of course, have options associated with them. All have relative strength ratings of 65 or higher. All entries on this list are eligible for covered call writing based on your return goals and risk tolerance.


documentSample High Dividend Yield Stocks with LEAPS Report

This report is produced on a quarterly basis and provides a list of high dividend yielding stocks (between 4% – 8% annual yield) which also have LEAPS options available. These securities are used for those looking to enhance dividend yield by writing long-term call options on the underlying security.


documentComplete Encyclopedia

Classic Edition Additional Indexing


documentFAQs for Website

Covered call writing is a low-risk option-selling strategy that generates an income stream by purchasing stocks and selling options on these securities.


Download All Resources (zip)

Additional Resources

The Beginners Corner

The Following 8 Lessons on How To Invest Will Be Covered In The Beginners Corner:

  • What is Covered Call Writing?
  • Option Basics
  • Stock Selection Using Fundamental And Technical Analysis
  • Stock Selection: Common Sense Considerations
  • Calculations: Stock and Option Selection
  • Executing Covered Call Trades
  • Exit Strategies: Monitoring Your Stock and Options Positions
  • Step-By-Step Process for Mastering Covered Call Writing

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