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Package - Encyclopedia + Stock Investing for Students

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Book: Alan Ellman’s Complete Encyclopedia For Covered Call Writing

Book: Ellman Encyclopedia

An Best Seller, this title offers a low-risk, wealth-building strategy for average investors which utilizes stocks and options to create monthly cash flow.

It took me four years to complete but here is the book you have been asking for. My goal when I started this project was to create the most comprehensive book ever written on the subject of covered call writing and gear it to the average retail investor, The Blue Collar Investor. I hope you feel that I have achieved my mission.

This book contains SOME of the information found in my first two books, updated information (like the new options symbology) and subjects taken from over 100 journal articles published since 2007. It contains all the basic and advanced material you need to know to truly master this great strategy. It also addresses the questions you have sent to me over the years on subjects peripherally related to covered call writing like the use of cash-secured puts, for example.

Book: Stock Investing For Students

Book: Stock Investing For Students

A Plan To Get Rich Slowly And Retire Young
How often have we heard the expression “if I only knew then what I know now….” Our youth is simply not educated in a practical manner as to how to self-invest despite the fact that it is one of the most critical skills they need to be taught.

As required reading for finance students at the University of Maryland, my hope that this book will, in some ways, offer our young adults a way to find security and freedom at an early age is becoming a reality. For more information on this title and background in its evolution, watch the introductory video below.

Video Introduction