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Selling Cash-Secured Puts: 2 Favorable Outcomes

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When we sell cash-secured puts (CSPs), we are getting paid to undertake the contractual obligation to buy the holders shares at a price that we (the sellers) determine, called the strike price, by a date that we determine, called the expiration date. In the BCI methodology, we favor out-of-the-money (OTM) CSP strikes, which are lower than current market value.

Since we are agreeing to buy the option buyers shares and understand that exercise can occur at any time during the contract (although early exercise is rare), it makes sense to favor securities that we would otherwise not mind owning in our portfolios. This is why we do such meticulous due diligence when screening our stocks & ETFs.

Given this type of CSP trade structuring, there are 2 major favorable outcomes, with the understanding that there is inherent risk in all trades that seek to generate more than risk-free returns.

What are the 2 favorable outcomes?

Let us set aside the critical skillset exit strategy intervention and focus on the 2 major potential outcomes.

Unexercised: If the price of the underlying security does not drop below the OTM put strike at expiration, the option will expire worthless, and we will have realized our initial time-value return. The cash previously utilized to secure that put is now freed up to secure another put in the next contract cycle.

Exercised: If share price declines below the (once) OTM put strike, the share will be “put” to us on the Saturday after expiration Friday at a cost basis of (put strike – put premium). This represents a discount from the original price of the underlying, given the strike was OTM plus the put premium credit. Since this is a security we wouldn’t mind owning, aside from the options aspect, this represents another potential favorable outcome.

Dividends: If there is an ex-dividend date during the contract cycle, we will add the dividend amount to the premium for final calculations

Real-life example with Toll Brothers, Inc. (NYSE: TOL)

  • 7/3/2023: Buy 100 x TOL at $79.07
  • STO 1 x 8/4/2023 $77.00 OTM put at $1.40
  • 7/6/2023: Capture $0.21 dividend (ex-dividend date)
  • Option premium + dividend = $1.61
  • Calculate unexercised & exercised results

Option-chain for TOL on 7/3/2023

TOL calculations without dividend: 2 favorable outcomes

  • Initial time-value 33-day return is 1.85%, 20.48% annualized (brown cells)
  • Purchase discount price, if exercised is 4.39% (purple cell)
  • Calculations accomplished using the BCI Trade Management Calculator

TOL calculations with dividend: 2 favorable outcomes

  • Initial time-value 33-day return is 2.14%, 23.82% annualized after adding the $0.21 dividend to the option premium (brown cells)
  • Purchased discount price, if exercised is 4.65% (purple cell)
  • Calculations accomplished using the BCI Trade Management Calculator


When selling out-of-the-money cash-secured puts on securities we would otherwise want to own, there are 2 favorable outcomes. Either we purchase the shares at a discounted price (from the time of trade entry) or we get paid not to buy the shares. It is important to recognize the fact that the risk in the trade is the price of the underlying dropping below the breakeven price points (yellow cells) when we can start losing money. This is where our exit strategy arsenal must be activated.

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  2. Tom Homsley November 26, 2023 12:42 pm

    Two things:
    1. With the Trade Calculator you have to buy the stock even though it is a CSP?

    2. “Selling Cash-Secured Puts Basic And Advanced Principles” – where do I find the course? The “movie” doesn’t play.

    • Alan Ellman November 27, 2023 8:43 am


      1. The CSP section of the Trade Management Calculator (TMC), is located in the bottom half of the spreadsheet (see image below).

      We do enter the price of the stock at the time of the trade, but we do not buy the stock. The spreadsheet will identify the amount of cash our broker will require us to “secure” the put.

      Bottom line: We do not buy the stock when selling a CSP, but we are required to set aside a certain amount of cash to secure that put sale.

      2. Send me a private email to discuss the issue you are having with this video.



  3. Julie November 27, 2023 3:55 am


    When we roll out and up our covered call trades, what factors do you use to decide on a strike price?

    Thanks a lot,

    • Alan Ellman November 27, 2023 8:59 am


      When we roll out-and-up, there is an additional factor we must consider when analyzing initial returns. There is an “unrealized” share appreciation benefit from rolling out-and-up, by removing the “ceiling” created by the first call strike. That must be factored into our trade decision because we are paying for that benefit in the intrinsic-value aspect of the cost-to-close.

      As 1 example: If a stock is expiring at $52.00 and a $50.00 call is in place, and the cost–to-close near expiration is $2.05, the actual time-value cost-to-close is $0.05, because our share value will move from $50.00 (our contract obligation to sell) to $52.00, current market value. If we roll out-and-up to the $55.00 strike and generate $1.50, we have an option debit of $0.55 ($2.05 – $1.50), but an unrealized share gain of $2.00. This is a bit tricky, but the TMC will do all the math for us.

      The TMC spreadsheet has a “What Now” worksheet tab that will calculate option credit/debit and this unrealized share appreciation component and will assist in guiding us as to whether we want to move forward with this exit strategy.

      The strike we select will be based on our initial return goal range and overall stock and market assessment. Higher strikes are more aggressive.


  4. Barry B November 27, 2023 9:11 am

    Premium Members,

    There was a typo in this week’s stock report. The ER Date for, CRM, should be 11/29/23 instead of the listed 11/30/23.



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