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The Blue Hour April 27

Evaluating Mutual Fund Portfolios and Financial Advisors

The Top 5 Option Questions from 2016

This is a 2-part webinar presentation:

1: Many of us hold portfolios of actively-managed mutual funds that we’ve either selected ourselves or, more likely, been based on financial advisor advice. This webinar will provide a user-friendly technique to evaluate the performance of these portfolios and hence the performance of our financial advisors. We should commend those advisers who are out-performing the overall market and certainly question those who are under-performing the market and charging us fees to fall short. “Indexing will be defined and explained and a system to set up comparison charts (FOR FREE) will be highlighted.

2: The BCI team has gone through thousands of questions sent to us in 2016 and selected the top-5 most frequently asked questions to ask and answer in the second part of this webinar.

As always, written questions will be answered live by Barry Bergman, the BCI Director of Research, while Alan hosts the presentation.

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