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Compounding our Covered Call Writing Profits

When studying investment basics, I’m reminded of a quote from none other than Albert Einstein who called compounding “the greatest mathematical discovery of all time”. Stated differently, a dollar received today is worth […]

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Calculating strike selection returns

Selecting The Best Strike Price

In last week’s article concerning option trading basics I highlighted the in-the-money strike in our covered call writing strategy. In this article I will expand our options calculations to all […]

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How Our Trade Orders Are Executed For Covered Call Writing

Executing our stock and call option trades is fast and efficient. But what actually goes on behind the scenes after we enter market or limit orders? Once we type our […]

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Covered Call Writing and the Blue Collar Premium Report

Successful covered call writing requires proper stock and option selection. With the significant increase in our premium membership subscriptions over the past several months we have received dozens of inquiries […]

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Beta: Another Tool to Enhance our Covered Call Returns

When we defined the Greeks in a previous article concerning investment basics, it included a discussion of the price sensitivity of the option premium as it relates to the underlying equity, time and […]

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Covered Call Writing and The Yield Curve

Part of learning investment basics is to understand the relationship between interest rates and our investment decisions. That’s why it is important to educate ourselves about Yield Curves. These are lines that plot the […]

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Setting Up a Covered Call Portfolio-Diversification and Cash Allocation

A key mission statement in our Blue Collar investment strategy for covered call writing is risk management. An integral component needed to accomplish this goal is diversification and cash allocation. We […]

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Pump and Dump Scams

I’ll bet that each and every one of you has received an email that went something like this: IMAGINE IF YOU HAD THE CHANCE TO BUY A WAL-MART FRANCHISE IN […]

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What is “Left Tail Risk” and How is it Impacting our Stock Portfolios?

What’s going on here? Stock prices are historically inexpensive. Bond yields need a magnifying glass to detect. Earnings reports have been positively surprising for eleven consecutive quarters. There are trillions […]

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Investor Psychology and the Need for Structured Plans

We just can’t sell our losers! Some will actually buy more shares to average down the cost basis. Why is that? If sticking your index finger into an outlet resulted […]

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