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BCI Podcast 4. Managing News Drive Gap Downs

Watch Video: Listen To Audio Version: After entering a covered call or put-selling trade and bad news comes out causing share price to gap-down, we must be prepared to take mitigating action. This video reviews the philosophical and practical steps we must take to ensure the highest possible strategy returns. BECOME A BCI MEMBER TODAY: […]

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Bernie Madoff strategy

What Do Bernie Madoff and Covered Call Writing Have In Common?

Covered call writing is my favorite stock investment strategy and Bernie Madoff is one of the world’s most infamous sociopaths. How can they exist in the same article title? This week, ABC-TV is showing a mini-series documenting the rise and fall of Bernie Madoff and his $65 billion Ponzi scheme. Madoff never actually ever invested the […]

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Investor's Talk Podcast

[BCI Podcast] Beginners Corner Lesson 2: Option Basics

Included In This Podcast: General Definitions Covered call writing: An overview The strike price as it relates to the stock price In-the-money At-the-money Out-of-the-money The option premium or how you get paid as it relates to the strike price Intrinsic value Time value The Options Chain

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