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World Money Show Orlando/ In-Person Event

October 29 @ 9:00 am - October 31 @ 1:00 pm

45-minute workshop: Monday October 30th 2:10 PM ET – 2:55 PM ET

Selling Cash-Secured Puts and Strategy Choices After Exercise

Selling cash-secured puts is a low-risk option strategy geared to generating cash-flow, but always with capital preservation in mind.

This presentation will detail the strategy, incorporating the 3-required skillsets necessary to achieve the highest levels of returns … stock selection, option selection and position management.

If and when we allow exercise of the put options, shares are put to us at a price we agreed upon. What is our next step? This seminar will discuss 3 potential paths we can take and the rationale behind these decisions, using real-life examples and calculations.

2-hour Master’s Class: Tuesday October 31st 9:30 AM ET – 11:30 AM ET

How to Master Covered Call Writing:

A detailed start-to-finish analysis using real-life examples

This presentation will analyze stock selection, option selection and position management, the 3-required skills to become elite covered call writers. It will also include ultra-conservative approaches to covered call writing using Delta and implied volatility to create statistically beneficial trades. Rules and guidelines will be discussed to take the emotions out of our trades resulting in high-probability positive outcomes.

Attendees will be introduced to a one-of-a-kind trade management tool created by The Blue Collar Investor which can be used to enter, manage and generate final realized and unrealized trade results, a spreadsheet with 400 formulas inherent in 1 master calculator. This is a must for every covered call writer or seller of cash-secured puts.

The course is structured to benefit both beginner and advanced covered call writers, using real-life examples to enhance the learning process.

Course overview:

  • Part I: Option Basics
  • Part II: Stock Selection
  • Part III: Option Selection
  • Part IV: Position Management (exit strategies)
  • Part V: Special Circumstances

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October 29 @ 9:00 am
October 31 @ 1:00 pm

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